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Highlights from The Field Tip

Each month's Member News offers a new Field Tip: Practical Advice for Working Artists.  Here are excepts from two recent articles.

From "How Do I Write About My Work?" by Pele Bauch & Fran Kirmser

Don’t make your reader work to understand you. Art is complex and multi-layered – but your writing should be clear and easy to understand.  Take those paragraph long sentences and break them down to one idea at a time.

From "Special Benefit Events: Should I Plan One?" by Shawn René Graham

Donors feel better about donating money when your activities appear sustainable.  Having a solid fundraising plan in place year-round is the key.  Rather than thinking that a special event benefit is always necessary, you may just need to step up your game in cultivating individual donors and planning a grants calendar.

In addition to The Field Tip, our monthly Member News typically lists more than 30 grant and performance opportunities. 

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