Fall at The Field

Field Leadership Fund

In September 2015, more than 200 people applied for FLF Fellowships! The panel had the challenging task of choosing only 12 Fellows.  Meet the ambitious recipients, and learn more about them on our blog in the weeks to come.

Fieldwork and Open Trial Day

Fieldwork is a unique forum for artists to share developing works and exchange feedback. Fieldwork is a safe space where you can learn what your audience saw, felt, and heard in response to your work. Attend the Open Trial Day to learn more about the program, or sign up for the full session. 
*Stay tuned for more information about Spring Open Trial Day and Fieldwork! 


The Field offers arts creators, in a wider range of artistic disciplines, the ability to be Fiscally Sponsored. If you make and present live performance, film, literary, television, or other activities in the creative economy and you do not have 501 (c) (3) tax status, Fiscal Sponsorship can allow you to receive tax-deductible donations and grant awards from charitable foundations to support your work.
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