to fail and fail big: A Study of Mid-Career Artists, Success and Failure

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“We need to embrace failure and understand how important flawed / fucked up / unsuccessful work can be to the development of an artist and the development of the field as a whole…we are just simply too afraid to fail and fail big. Twenty-five years from now that will bite us collectively in the ass, big time.” - Brian Rogers, Artistic Director, The Chocolate Factory

Are you afraid to fail? How do you define creative success?

On Wednesday, May 1, 2014 The Field presented a provocative exploration of artistic success, “To Fail and Fail Big: A Case Study of Successful Artists,” at SITI Company. The panel was facilitated by Georgiana Pickett, Executive Director, Baryshnikov Arts Center. Panelists included award-winning performer and art-maker, Okwui Okpokwasili; Moira Brennan, Program Director, The MAP Fund; producer Thomas O. Kriegsmann and Somi.

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