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The Field Network is a consortium of sites that provide Fieldwork workshops, The Field's signature method of peer to peer feedback, and other Field programs. Initiated in 1993, the Network has locations in cities across the United States and in Europe. Each site tailors its activities to the local community with the mission to support artists. Sites are stewarded by trained Fieldwork facilitators who also are practicing artists themselves.

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With the support of the NEA, our next Field Network Conference will be February 3 - 5, 2017 in Miami, FL. 

Field National Network Conference: In order to strengthen artists and arts communities all over the country The Field convenes our national site leaders so that they can strategically support their local artists. This conference also provides a training opportunity for artists who are developing Field sites in new cities. 

Click here to register for the 2017 National Field Network Conference in Miami!

See pictures from the 2015 Conference here.

The Network Touring Exchange* (NTE) 2016 was a pilot opportunity for our national Field Network Sites to build their capacity by working with other Field Network Sites. Represented by one dance/movement-based artist/Fieldwork Facilitator, a Fieldwork Site may travel to another Fieldwork site for 2-7 days to learn, share, collaborate and grow.

To learn more about the participants click here.
To learn more about what they learned click here.

*This project is supported in part by The Field with an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Current Field Sites:

New York City

f. in 1986
on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Contact: Wilfredo Hernandez,


f. in 1992
On Facebook 
Contact: Melanie

Bay Area

On Facebook 
Vangie King,


f. in 2013
Contact: Chrissy Nelson,


f. 1994
On Facebook
Contact: Claire Alrich,


f. in 1992
On Facebook
Contact name: Oscar Fuentes,


f. in 2013
On Facebook
Contact: Joelle Worm,


f. in 2014
Contact: Katherine Longstreth,

Salt Lake City

f. in 1997
Contact: Amy Caron, 


f. in 1995
On Facebook
Contact: Rebecca Goldberg, 


f. in 2009
Contact: Mike O’Connor,


Past Field Sites:

Chicago (founded 1992) , Los Angeles (founded 2015), North Carolina (founded 2003), Berlin (founded in 2009)

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