For 30 years The Field's signature salon has provided artist-to-artist, objective, non-directorial feedback through a 'test audience' workshop structure. Fieldwork is a unique forum for artists to share developing works and exchange feedback, peer to peer. Incisive and stimulating critiques are guided by an experienced facilitator. The session culminates in an open final workshop for invited guests. 

  • Gain new insight into your artwork
  • Hone your critical perception
  • Be motivated by a weekly deadline
  • Perform in an open studio showing

Fieldwork is open to a wide array of art creators: solo theater artists, spoken word performers, choreographers, composers, writers, directors and more!

Fieldwork in New York

Summer Open Trial Day - Registration open now!

Facilitated by: Pele Bauch
Wednesday, June 14th,  6:30pm-9pm
$10 for members and non-members
Theater Lab
357 W 36th Street New York, NY 10018

Summer Fieldwork 2017 - Registration open now!

Facilitated by: Pele Bauch
6 Wednesday sessions: July 5th – August 9th,  6:30pm-9pm
$135 non-members/ $110 members
Theater Lab
357 W 36th Street New York, NY 10018


Fieldwork in Providence, RI - October, 2015

In partnership with the amazing folks at AS220, The Field presented an interactive demo of Fieldwork as part of the Alliance of Artists Communities national conference. AS220 artists used Fieldwork to exchange rigorous and supportive feedback on their works-in-progress and learn how Fieldwork can be implemented in residencies across the country. These sessions were facilitated by James Scruggs.

Artists- Ali Kenner Brodsky: Choreographer, Laura Brown LaVoie: Writer, Performing Artist, Christopher Johnson: Poet, Actor, Writer, Vanessa Gilbert: Director, Puppeteer, Multi Media Artist, Andy Russ: Dance/Theatre Artist, Sound Designer and Joshua Greenbergmulti media artist and composer/musician.

Not in New York but interested in participating in Fieldwork? Check out our Field Network sites in the US and Europe. 

Wilfredo Hernandez, Program Manager
212-691-6969 x16 |