Fiscal Sponsorship

If you're an artist or company fundraising from individual donors or grants from local arts councils, small foundations, and/or large institutional funders; then Fiscal Sponsorship is for you.

As a Fiscally Sponsored Artist you get:

  • Tax-deductible donations of money and goods from individual donors
  • NEW! Paperless payment option through ACH/direct deposit.
  • A personal contribution page on our site where you can showcase your work and fundraise
  • Acknowledgment letters mailed to your contributors for their tax-deductible donations
  • Eligibility for grants and other funding opportunities for fiscally sponsored artists/collectives
  • Free review and feedback on grant applications and fundraising materials
  • All the basic Members benefits of The Field 

Click here to read the full contract. (This is a legal document. Please read before filling out and submitting.)

Here's how to sign up for Fiscal Sponsorship!

  1. 1. Email your company/project description of 300 words or less to for review. Please allow up to two business days for us to confirm your eligibility.
  2. 2. In the meantime, create an account.
  3. 3. Contact so we can enable your account.
  4. 4. Once you’ve received confirmation that your company/project has been approved, log in to your account and pay the $250 annual fee.
  5. 5. Send in your required signed contract.

You’re done! You can start fundraising within two business days!

Shawn René Graham
Deputy Director, Programs and Services
212-691-6969 x15 |