Meet Our Artists

Our Members, Fiscally Sponsored Artists, and other program participants represent a wide range of career stages and disciplines. We love them - and, as fellow artists, we're always inspired by them. With this monthly feature, we hope you'll feel the same way!

Meet Our Artists banner: NICOLA BULLOCK dance-maker, performer, teacher, student & Sponsored Artist of The Field
Name: Nicola Bullock

I am…
A dance-maker, performer, teacher, and student

I’m inspired by… 
The people who have come before me - back to the first humans to ever walk upright – and by the generations yet to come. I am inspired by the fact that dance has always held an important role in connecting people to themselves, each other, the world, and the cosmos. I am inspired by the endless wealth of ways that different bodies move as they seek to lead fulfilling lives.

I’m proud of… 
Championing the voices of local dance-makers in Durham NC by producing shows, cofounding an organization that curates a season of dance, and working with theater companies to bridge the theater and dance communities.

My goals are…
To hear the ancient wisdom of the body; to learn how to transmit a visceral sensation to others through dancing; to adventure places outside of prescribed roles and movement patterns; and to keep a good sense of humor while at it.

How does The Field help you? 
I'm excited to be a Fiscally Sponsored Artist at The Field! This allows me to fundraise and apply for grants with the backing of an incredible organization. 

Any advice for fellow artists? 
“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” - Samuel Beckett 

Nicola Bullock couch photo by Noah Rosenblatt-FarrellNicola Bullock stop-motion filmNicola Bullock mustache photo by Mayra Wallraff

Couch photo by Noah Rosenblatt-Farrell. Field photo © Nicola Bullock. Mustache photo by Mayra Wallraff.

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