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Our Members, Fiscally Sponsored Artists, and other program participants represent a wide range of career stages and disciplines. We love them - and, as fellow artists, we're always inspired by them. With this monthly feature, we hope you'll feel the same way!


What's your name? 
Carolyn M. Brown

What do you do? 
Playwright, Executive Director of the My True Colors Festival

What inspires you? 
Fighting for social justice, promoting cultural diversity, and championing LGBTQIA+ artists.

What are you proud of? 
Winning a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Magazine Article, "Black & Gay In Corporate America," and creating a media environment where LGBTQIA+ people can feel visible, affirmed, and celebrated.

What are your goals? 
To establish my multidisciplinary festival as a premier gathering of multicultural LGBTQIA+ storytellers, arts enthusiasts and social justice activists.

How does The Field help you? 
The Field has been instrumental in my development as a producer and supportive in my efforts to raise money through grants. The one-on-one consultations on multiple topics have been invaluable.

Do you have any advice for your fellow artists? 
Stay true to your vision, don’t be hard on yourself, and don’t take offense when the people who can help you won’t. The people you least expect will rally around you and your work.

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Flowers Trailer I from Carolyn Brown on Vimeo.

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