Thought Leadership

Equity, Representation, and Rejection: Artists and cultural workers face complex personal and systemic issues every day.

From unconscious bias in curation to mid-career failure, The Field is committed to unpacking these issues with thoughtful research, transparent analysis, and provocative live events that push for change, growth, and action. Browse our programs below, and join our mailing list for updates.


  • Activate Equity Saturday, March 17, 2018 A day-long forum for art makers and administrators to tackle answering the question, "How can we create a more equitable arts sector in New York City?"
  • Field Leadership Fund 2018 Publication Can skills, money, and time transform the lives of artists and arts administrators? To test out this idea, Field Leadership Fund worked with 12 Fellows who identify barriers to their advancement based on race, gender and other identities. 
  • I Hate Your Work Returning in 2018 An interactive event that examines unconscious bias and racism in judging artists’ work.


2017 Activate Equity video by David Flores