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Patti Bradshaw is currently developing a new dance and object  theater project called "Flowers in Space", inspired by the poet and painter Florine Stettheimer.  She has had recent opportunities to show this as a solo work in progress as part of New Dance Alliance's Performance Mix Festival in June 2016 and at Roulette in September 2016, but plans are in process to develop this work as a full evening length project. Your contributions would support the development of this work.

Patti Bradshaw makes new theater works of imagined lives of poets, shifting episodic images taken from nature, and the subject of a legendary photograph among other inspirations. Her shows employ puppets, elaborate costume, dance, original text, film and performing objects in collaboration with skilled performers of all disciplines. Visual charm, emotional impact, and metaphysical oddity combine to capture the humor,  loneliness and piquancy of human circumstance.