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Julia May Jonas is a playwright, director, and founder of the theater company, Nellie Tinder. Nellie Tinder productions include Evelyn, which premiered at The Bushwick Starr and was remounted at the Incubator Arts Center for their Other Forces Festival in 2013, For Artists Only (Ontological-Hysteric Theater), Take Heart (PS122, with TerraNova),and The Penitent Hours (The Bushwick Starr). Jonas's other plays include Lake Coordination (NYTW 3rd Street), BG1987RECEP, Ugly Thing, and No One is Excused from the Trouble of Living, (Schapiro Theater). Her short play, EMPIRE TODAY is published in The Brooklyn Review. Nellie Tinder's newest production, Emily Climbs (Machine Mechant) is scheduled to premiere in New York in April, 2015. Nellie Tinder receives support from the Mental Insight Foundation. Nellie Tidner is Art. Appropriate & Instructive.