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Poetic Theater Productions (Artistic Director Jeremy Karafin) develops and presents plays by poets slam poets, hip hop artists, and by playwrights who write with a poetic style.  PTP seeks to define the modern genre of “poetic theater” by connecting and fostering a community of artists who are passionately creating relevant and accessible work and reinvigorating a conscious theater of language.  Poetic Theater Productions offers resources and opportunities for poets, playwrights, and theater artists to create new work and see it through to production via educational workshops, developmental readings and performance. 

We are currently seeking donations to support our upcoming Poetic License 2018 Festival of new poetic theater scheduled for February 2018.

We are also seeking financial support for our additional programming including 2017 Conscious Language.

For more about Poetic Theater Productions: www.poetictheater.com

Thank you for your support!